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    Eating well and healthy is essential to lead a balanced and healthy life.

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    A new generation of healthy, gluten-free food. Suitable for consumption by the whole family.

About us

At Keila we manufacture healthy gluten-free, plant-based and lactose-free frozen products, we do it industrially with automated technology and with large production capacity.

Most of the existing offer is made in an artisanal way, our industrial Proposal allows us the massive commercialization of our products and in this way to be able to have a national and international presence.

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Eat rich and healthy. Gluten free.

Healthy foods for the whole family made with high control and gluten free standards, under certification of standards.

Battered. Gluten-free.

Our line of battered products provide all the necessary nutrients for the family without losing its virtue of healthy gluten-free food.

They bail you out in a rich and healthy way.

All our varieties of gluten-free pizzas are ideal for making a quick meal without neglecting your health.

Make delicious dough for pastries gluten-free.

Without losing the flavor that the dough provides.

Gluten-free prepared dishes. You just have to warm up.

Ideal to save time without losing a healthy diet. Our delicious meats are the result of the combination of eating healthy without giving up flavor.

Platos preparados sin gluten. Sólo hay que calentar.

Ideales para no perder el tiempo sin perder la dieta saludable. Nuestras deliciosas viandas son el resultado de la combinación de comer sano sin resignar sabor.

Our products